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Thursday, 8 January 2009

How about this for information?

Jamieson Brothers Scottish Seed Potatoes
Maturity: First Early

Variety: Swift
'The earliest early'!
Uses: Boil/Bake/Salad/Roast/Chip
A variety bred for early use in the north of Scotland.

Tubers : Oval to round, white skin, cream flesh with shallow eyes.

Plant : Very low, semi-erect with few, thin, green stems. Short, light green leaf.

Leaf : Medium-sized, long, pointed primary leaflets with wavy margin. Few, very small secondary leaflets. Terminal leaflet overlapped.

Flowers : Rare.

Berries : Rare.

Parentage:90-83 x Stroma

Storability: Medium term
Bruising: High resistance
Drought: Low tolerance
Dormancy: Low to medium term
Gangrene: High resistance
Spraing: High resistance
Potato Virus Y: High resistance
Potato Leaf Roll Virus: Medium resistance
Common Scab: High resistance
Black Leg: Low to medium resistance
Tuber Blight: Medium resistance
Foliage Blight: Medium resistance

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