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Saturday, 3 September 2011

World Champion Seed Suppliers Again

The 2011 World potato champion is once again Sherie Plumb and family.

They had an extra special display this year that consisted of Amour,Bonnie,Sherine,Winston,Kestrel and Blue Belle which were all supplied by JBA Seed Potatoes.
This has been another great year for our seed potatoes with Sherie also winning first with Winston at the NVS Nationals.

Sherie was also first in the NVS Amour Class.

The NVS Sherine class was also won by Sherie.

First in the coloured potato class was new grower Owain Roberts with a great plate of Kestrel grown in a brand new growing medium supplied by Medwyn Williams and in our new polypots which now have extra holes in them to allow extra uptake of nutrients and allow excess water to get out of the bag.

Sherie had a second prize in the coloured potato class with a great plate of Purple Eyed Seedling.

Other prize winners were Eric Craik with a few seconds and thirds in a fiercly contested competition with some NVS Sherine and NVS Amour. Eric had a new system this year that covered the potato bags and stopped too much rain water getting into the polypots. He certainly had a great skin finish on them.

All seed was supplied by ourselves and has proven to get the results no matter what part of the country you live in.