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Thursday, 31 December 2009

Charlotte Is The BEST Tasting Salad Potato

News hot off the press from Which Gardening is that Charlotte has came out tops for taste beating off competition from Vivaldi, Belle De Fontenay and many other salad type potatoes.
I found their magazine to be a great read and because it is totally independant they just tell it like it is.
This will be bad news for alot of companies who have spent fortunes marketing potatoes as being the best tasting, only for them to be beaten by Charlotte.

Monday, 28 December 2009

King of Blight Resistance

I have been doing alot of studying about potatoes over the festive holidays and I can now reveal that the most blight resistant potato available on the market today is Setanta. Now there is no need to make any jokes about them going bust because if anything they are in very short supply.

Believe me, by next year these potatoes will be the ones that you are reading about and watching on the tv.

Not many retailers know about these potatoes yet but for the next season I expect it to be a major player in the horticultural market.

Setanta has excellent cooking and taste qualities.

If I can find anymore exciting varieties then I will post them up soon.