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Friday, 16 October 2009

Potato harvest finished

The end of the 2009 potato harvest is here. We lifted the pink fir apple yesterday which was a big job due to the size and shape of the tubers. Many of the tubers simple fell through the webs on the harvester back onto the ground so there was 5 of us walking behind filling baskets like the old days. Pink fir apple will be very scarce this year as will many other varieties but what we have lifted is very good quality.

Today will be back to office jobs. We have lots of online retailers and gardening groups that are now switching to the JBA brand because of our superior quality.

This is the first time we have allowed anyone to stock our conservation potatoes but we are pleased to supply Alan Romans with them as he has a great knowledge of potatoes.

Keep your eyes peeled for our brand this year.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Harvest almost finished

Well it is almost the end of another harvest and all I can say is it can't end soon enough.
It has been the wettest year ever here and we have been delayed for over a month.
Next week we will get a weeks holiday and then it is straight back to grading potatoes as our first orders go out in November.