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Sunday, 4 January 2009

The Grow Your Own Section - For Grapevine Members

To all the Grapevine members please leave your comments here on what you would like me to do to improve your seed potato buying process.
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  1. Tattieman, just visited your website again, and I must say it's going from strength to strength. The blight testing kit is an inspired idea, and I'll probably be getting one of those later in the year - just to prove to the stubborn old git on the plot next door that it IS blight ruining his crop every year, not just rain like he says...
    Best wishes, SarzWix

  2. Thank you Sarah I am glad that you enjoyed my website and i think the blight kit is tremendous.
    We will be using it ourselves this season.

  3. A little bit more information on typical postage cost would be really good, before you go throught the filling your address out. Apart from that it's a great site!

  4. Good point Jenegade.
    Postage to England and Wales is £5.95 upto 20kg then it is 23p per kilo after that.
    N.Ireland is £15.25 upto 20kg.
    Southern Scotland is £5.95 upto 20kg.
    Northern Scotland is £15.25 upto 20kg.
    We are trying to get a flat rate price off our delivery provider so if anyone can beat those prices please contact me.