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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

JBA exhibition potato mix

JBA exhibition standard compost mix

Our latest venture is into the world of compost. I have over the last 2 years mixed up all my own potato mixes to grow exhibition potatoes in which I found to be very costly and time consuming. So my answer is to offer the complete mix as used by the top show growers in the country.

My mix is 80litres of Irish moss peat that is finely graded and screened between a size of 5-15mm so that the mixture allows air through it without compacting. To the 80 litres I add 400grams of TEV 4 fertilizer and 400grams of my finely powdered calcified seaweed alternative.

This is the perfect mix for growing your show potatoes in.

We will offer this in pallet deals or it can be purchased at an individual bag rate.

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