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Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal Potatoes Harvested 29/4/11

With today being the royal wedding day I decided to harvest some Swift potatoes that had been growing in the greenhouse during the winter. The crop is not huge but they have been harvested a bit too soon and there were plenty more tubers forming which would have been great in a few weeks time.

Anyway here is the video

You can comment on them here

I also have a few photos of them just waiting to be washed a devoured.


  1. Iain when did you plant them they look good
    I have some international Kidney in my pollytunnel with loads of top foliage when should I harvest them ?>

  2. Paul I planted them last year in November but the frost nipped them the first time so I put s piece of bubble wrap over the top of the polypot and hey presto they survived. I did not water during periods of freezing weather as the water would have set solid in the bag and damaged everything in the bag.

    You should have a furtle about in the bags and see if you can feel any tubers Paul.