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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Seed Potato Catalogue - First Early

Seed Potato Catalogue - First Early

Join the new potato forum - - The best place to talk about potatoes. Potatoes are classified according to the length of time they take to mature, but this can be influenced by weather. First early potatoes mature in 60-110 days. Planted towards the end of March, they are ready for lifting from late June or early July. Potatoes can be planted from mid March onwards as a rough guide dependent on weather. More info...
Compared to maincrop potatoes, first and second earlies are lower yielding, usually have smaller tubers, need less space and escape some of the diseases, such as blight.
They are generally eaten as soon as harvested - enjoyed as 'new potatoes' - while maincrop cultivars can either be used fresh from the ground or stored for winter use in hessian sacks.
Our 2.5kg packs contain approximately 25-30 tubers graded at 35mm x 60mm. All stock updated on a weekly basis.
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