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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Seed Potato Catalogue - Baked potatoes

Seed Potato Catalogue - Baked potatoes

Jamieson Brothers have selected a great selection of potatoes for you to grow in your garden that will make excellent baking potatoes. The ideal potato for baking should be a large floury variety that grows easily to a large size. Nothing beats the smell and taste of a baked potato when served with a touch of salt and lashings of butter. More info...
To make perfect baked or jacket potatoes you will need to use some large potatoes. You will also need some vegetable oil, some butter and a small amount of salt.
The first thing you should do is pre-heat your oven to approx 180c as this will help speed up the process.
Give your potatoes a good clean under a running tap of cold water so that you remove all traces of soil and then gently dry them with some kitchen towel.
The next important step is to pierce the potatoes several times all over with a fork to stop the potatoes going soft and soggy. This allows moisture to escape during the cooking process and keeps the potatoe dry and fluffy inside.
You can now either brush your vegetable oil onto your potatoes or place them in a bowl and roll the potatoes in the oil before adding a sprinkle of salt to the skin of each potato you wish to bake.
Now that you have added the oil and salt you can place then into your oven on a wire rack. Most people have a cooking tray lined with tin foil place below the potatoes so that any drippings that occur during baking are caught in the tray below.
It will take approx 1 hour for your potatoes to bake in the oven and you will soon see that they have gone lovely and crispy golden brown. At this stage you should remove them from the oven to prepare them for serving.
You can now slit the potatoes length wise and width wise to make a cross shape in the potatoes before serving them with anything you like to add to them. Most people like to add cheese or butter to their baked jacket potatoes.
You have now made perfect baked potatoes to serve to your friends and family.

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