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Monday, 13 September 2010

New Potato Forum Online Now

After lots of work from the tireless Yabba we are pleased to announce that is up and running.
This is the only dedicated potato forum that we know of and you can discuss anything you  like about potatoes on it.
We will constantly update the features and articles on the forum so give it a go and join for free.


  1. Congrats!

    I will join for sure.

  2. Everyone is welcome on my new forum.

  3. Would you like to try a question from Bakersfield, California?

  4. Wonderful. Keep in mind that I'm in zone 9 - Bakersfield, California.
    I've only tried growing potatoes one time last year and ended up with blight. I would like to try again to grow organic, blight resistant potatoes.
    1. Can I plant potatoes now?
    2. Can you recommend a variety?
    3. Do you ship to the USA?
    4. If you cannot ship to me, do you have an American resource?

    Thanks so much for any information you can provide.

  5. When you got blight on your potatoes were you watering them?
    If you need to water then you should always try not to wet the leaves as this will activate any blight spores that might be sitting on the leaves.
    1. I had a look about zone9 but I don't know if you can get potatoes over there to plant just now?
    2+4. The varieties you have in the States are not quite the same as we have. I know there are companies such as Ronningers that have a good selection so maybe they could advise you the best on.
    3. I am afraid that we are not allowed to send potatoes to the USA due to import restrictions.

  6. Irrigation was by a drip system but there was some rain. I think the blight was from some compost I used to mound the potatoes. It smelled moldy. I didn't think you would be able to ship to the USA. Thanks for the Ronningers suggestion.
    You have a wonderfully informative site. I'll enjoy checking in frequently.

  7. Yes that is possible that the blight came from there.
    Glad I could help.