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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Planting Potatoes update

Well we have got off to a good start this year with our commercial seed planting. We are over halfway and have 100 acres planted so far. This time last year we hadn't even started so we are very happy with the progress this year. So far we have planted Arran Pilot, Home Guard, Pentland Javelin, Duke of York, Sharpes Express, Maris Bard, Catriona, Nicola, Wilja, Ulster Classic, Ulster Sovereign, Ulster Prince, Ulster Sceptre, Lord Rosebery, Edgecote Purple, Ryecroft Purple, Gladstone, Pentland Lustre, Peach Bloom, Dark Red Norland, Beauty of Bute, Tuskar, Dobbies Asset, Doon Pearl, Flourball and a few more special ones this year.

In my own Garden I have today planted Highland Burgandy Red, Congo, Purple King Edward(Mr Littles Yetholm Gypsey) Salad Blue, Shetland Black, Witchill, British Queen and some Bonnie for showing.

Growing potatoes in containers is so easy to do. Give it a try and use my videos to help you have a successful crop.

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