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Thursday, 9 April 2009

New JBA products

I have been looking at adding new potato varieties to my online shop.
Are there any varieties that you think I should stock?
We mainly sell our potatoes in 2.5kg sack but I also sell 5 tubers of a variety aswell. Is there any other pack size that you think we should offer?
Just leave me some comments and feel free to give me any ideas that you have.
Our potato planter bags have been a huge success and you can access videos of how to use them by clicking on the videos on the right of the screen.


  1. I haven't ordered from you before but may well do for next season. I'd probably prefer a 10 tuber pack as this suits the size of my garden beds, but then I could easily order 2 x 5 tubers. Perhaps you could consider selling fertiliser too, this might reduce postage and packing costs.

  2. Hi Capsid
    I do have small packs of organic fertilizer but I was unable to get a constant supply of it and that lead to delivery hold ups.
    I will certainly be doing fertilizer next season.
    Thanks for the reply.

  3. It would be good if you had a few more of the heritage potatoes like Mr Littles Yetholm Gypsy, Dunbar Rover, Fortyfold, Congo etc.

  4. Lady Balfour!

    * is awaiting the arrival of her King Edwards for Christmas with excitement *