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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Website updated

Well today has been a very busy day.
We have had 107 tonnes of potatoes ordered today and we have already started to grade a few of our varieties in preperation for the big rush that always happens.
We have sorted through the pink fir apple today and they are the best we have had for years.
The wet weather has taken its toll on some of the local seed growers near us and one poor man has been unable to lift a single potato this year due to flooding.

Best of all though is that Stephen and Peter at Callisti have updated the website with even more security and features to make it easier for my loyal customers to purchase seed potatoes from.
Next on the agenda is a newsletter and free videos of how to plant potatoes and harvest potatoes.
I could do a video about how to detect disease in your crops but it is all about getting time to do these things.
By signing up to my promotional mail list you will also receive special discounts on our potatoes and we will soon be able to offer our brand new hessian sacks for you to purchase at knock down prices.Keep checking this blog and the website to see when it goes live and sign up for free.

If you have anymore suggestions please feel free to add them.

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