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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Growing Seed Potatoes

Potato Growing Instructions
After purchase carefully empty seed potato contents into shallow boxes or trays, keep away from frost and store in a cool light area to produce a strong, thick sprout, making sure that the potatoes are rose eye upwards.
First Earlies can be planted 12" (30cm) apart with 24" (60cm) between each row.
Second Earlies and Maincrop can be planted 15" (37.5cm) apart in row widths of 28" (70cm).
Always make sure the eyes are facing upwards and planted at a depth of between 4-6" (10-15cm).
Grow seed potatoes in a container.
You will need a container of around 80 litres to grow a good crop of potatoes from 5 seed potatoes.Make sure your container has adequate drainage holes in the bottom.
Do not use garden soil. You can buy good general purpose compost from a garden centre.
Add a layer of 15cm or 6 inches of your compost to the bottom of the container.Place your seed potatoes with the eyes upwards about 5cm or 2inches into the compost.
Your potatoes will require water and fertilizer weekly at least and preferably with the little and often technique to achieve steady growth so use a suitable plant food specially formulated for the job.
Potatoes grow upwards so cover your potatoes with more compost as the weeks go by and your crops get bigger to stop the crop turning green and render them inedible.
Harvest times: Subject to weather and climate.
First Earlies: 10-12 weeks
Second Earlies: 13-15 weeks
Maincrop: 15-22 weeks
Fertiliser 13-13-20 NPK is recommended.Potato Growing Instructions

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