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Scottish seed potato merchants who supply the UK horticultural market with top quality seed to grow in their gardens or allotments. We supply garden centres and allotment societies aswell as selling direct to the public.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Careers at JBA

JBA Seed Potatoes are currently recruiting new members of staff to join our seed potato business based at Annan.

We have a selection of jobs available at the moment and we would invite you to contact us by email with your CV or if you have never been employed you can still apply by telling us about how keen you are to join us.

All jobs will be the standard 38hour week and wages will be paid weekly direct to your bank account.

Office admin/Sales/Secretary position is available to the correct person who can demonstrate the skills required. The successful applicant should be computer literate, have a good telephone manner, be able to process telephone sales, take messages, organise orders to be despatched and take control of general running of the office.(Job Term)Position Full Time.

Sales and invoicing position. This job will involve processing all sales via mail order, telephone and website sales. You will be in charge of credit notes and anything else related to the taking of sales and invoicing. (Job Term) Part time 6months but may lead to full time work.

PHP programmer and developer - A skilled PHP programmer is required to maintain and expand our current presence on the internet. You will be required to update and improve our company structure by improving all aspects of our websites and admin areas. Necessary skills include PHP/MySQL and jQuery, with a knowledge of OpenCart systems a bonus. Contact

Potato Roguer - Student or skilled potato roguers are required for the summer season. This season is normally June - August and provides a good income to seasonal workers. If you need to learn how to rogue then you can apply to the SAC for the course
Once you have passed the course or can prove you have the ability to rogue then you can inform us and we can add you to our list of seasonal workers.

Head Tractor Person - Being a tractor driver at JBA will involve being able to work all types of potato machinery from de-stoners to Harvesters. We also do all of our own spraying so a relevant spray license would be ideal. When not on tractor duties you will be working with potatoes in the stores and be the head foreman in charge of a team of workers in the grading and packaging section.
.(Job Term)Position Full Time.

General Farm Worker/Potato Worker - You will be tasked with all normal duties of a farm worker on a potato farm. Your duties will involve grading potatoes, harvesting potatoes, planting potatoes and learning how to work all the machinery involved with those duties.
.(Job Term)Position Full Time.

Mail Order Worker - JBA has one of the largest mail order potato businesses in the UK. We are constantly looking for new recruits to join our expanding team. Your job will involve being able to pick and pack orders received by us and making sure the correct products are sent to the correct customer.
(Job Term) Part time 6months but may lead to full time work.

Thursday 15 March 2012

Kondor Seed Potatoes

JBA Seed Potatoes are pleased to announce that we have a very limited amount of Kondor first generation seed potatoes(minitubers) available for planting this year.

There are only 75 tubers available this year of this world record holding variety. Kondor holds the record for the worlds heaviest potato as set by Peter Glazebrook in 2011. That giant spud weighed in at over 10lbs.

This may be your only chance to get brand new stock of this variety so make the most of it.

Thursday 10 November 2011

British Potato Championships 2012

There is a new championship for the 2012 season.

JBA Seed Potatoes are pleased to announce that the British Potato Championships will be taking place at next years Causey Show.

There will be £100 on offer for 1st prize in 3 seperate classes.

Class one is for a plate of 5 white potatoes.
Class two is for a plate of 5 part coloured potatoes
Class three is for a plate of 5 full coloured potatoes.

The winner of each class will then be put forward to the finals and the best plate will win the grower the title of the British Potato Champion.

Causey show is going from strength to strength and we think it is the ideal place for the championships.

There will be more details to follow very soon.

JBA World Potato Championships 2012

JBA seed potatoes have been confirmed as the new sponsors of the World potato championships that are held at the Dundee Flower show.

There is some major prize money on offer at the show with £250 on offer for 1st prize.

To enter the class you need to have 6 varieties of 6 potatoes on 6 separate plates. The exhibits really do look well at this event and we would encourage people to try and enter this show.

Current world champion Sherie Plumb who is supplied by JBA seed potatoes travels all the way from Essex just to get the chance to exhibit at this major show.

At the same show we will also be sponsoring the Scottish championships. To enter this class you must exhibit 4 varieties with 4 potatoes per plate.

There will be more information about this to follow so stay tuned.

Wednesday 2 November 2011

JBA exhibition potato mix

JBA exhibition standard compost mix

Our latest venture is into the world of compost. I have over the last 2 years mixed up all my own potato mixes to grow exhibition potatoes in which I found to be very costly and time consuming. So my answer is to offer the complete mix as used by the top show growers in the country.

My mix is 80litres of Irish moss peat that is finely graded and screened between a size of 5-15mm so that the mixture allows air through it without compacting. To the 80 litres I add 400grams of TEV 4 fertilizer and 400grams of my finely powdered calcified seaweed alternative.

This is the perfect mix for growing your show potatoes in.

We will offer this in pallet deals or it can be purchased at an individual bag rate.